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Day 09 » Favorite Quote

by SJBB, em 09.08.14

Anew (The Archers of Avalon, #1)



"Life isn't about  the past and the future. It's about today." He paused. "It's about five minutes from now and two seconds ago. It's moments you know? Not years. Years aren't what define us."

-Chelsea Fine, Anew

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One of two things

by SJBB, em 31.05.14

“Love has no middle term—either it destroys, or it saves.”

Victor Hugo, Les Misérables


Loving someone comes from deep in your heart, you always know when its there.


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by SJBB, em 19.03.14

"...You can’t live life thinking you won’t screw up every now and then. The
mistakes are just as important as the successes. You wouldn’t be who you are
without both of them. So when those mistakes happen, it’s good to have people
around who can push you through them.”

-Because of Ellison by M.S. Willis


Moon | via Tumblr


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